We are completely committed about our ‘leave no trace’ ethos, and we require you to be an active contributor to this. FRL boasts a proud community of conscientious and willing participants with a ‘green’ outlook! At all times please stay conscious about the amount of waste you are producing, as well keeping the arena, campgrounds and the National Park clean and tidy. There are no magic fairies flying around cleaning up after you – this is your responsibility, and is one of the reasons you have chosen to come along and be a part of FRL. Here are some tips you can use when packing your trip.
  1. BRING a water bottle. We will have no water for sale. At all.
  2. Please try to leave your packaging for food at home. Try bringing food in reusable containers. We suggest you bulk buy what you need and simply not buy disposable packaging and simply dont bring it. Otherwise if you brought it here please take it home and recycle it
WASTE as a word is simply a human construct. We prefer nutrient recyclers and land fill diverters instead of WASTE crew.. All landfill diverter crew onsite are volunteers. Help a brother / sister out by not contributing to their workload, or take yourself to a new level by picking up any rubbish you see lying around that has been left there by any naughty litter bugs who have snuck into the festival. Plan to leave at home anything you do not intend to take with you – couches, rubbish, cigarette butts (THIS IS A BIG ONE), absolutely everything. You may not leave anything behind without the prior consent of the festival organisers All recyclables will be diligently sorted and sifted through as we aim to make FRL a ZERO WASTE ZONE! Let’s all work together on this. We can do it!!