We have around about heaps of stages this year.

Creek Stage

The big old girl with the big shade tarps. It’s the stage closest to the creek. See what we’ve done here?

Hill Top Stage

The Hill Top Stage is just up the hill from the Creek Stage, and is connected to the bar for some old school beer hall vibes. The Hill Top and Creek Stages alternate – your daily exercise is walking up and down the hill between acts, or simply pivoting at the bar… When you think about the name we’re sure you’ll find it.

Camper’s Stage

Set on ‘the other side of the block’ A short little traipse past the Kids Village, Shiatsu Shack, Workshop Village, Wrongtown, Drive Way Stage, over the dam bridge, past the Eclectric Lounge through the tents and you’re there. This place can get a bit loose, a bit wild and has its VERY OWN BAR! It is jammed with couches, and well worth the trek – look for the MASSIVE stripy tent and you’ll find it.

Eclectric Lounge

The Eclectric Lounge is exactly that – an eclectic collection of mostly electronic based music. Some of it produced LIVE, some of it prerecorded. Some of it ain’t even electronic! Featuring an esteemed line up of local and international DJs we are sure to surprise and delight you with some chilled times, groovy times, banging times and straight up weird times. One of the wonderful features will be BUGGER ALL doofy doof doof – instead think world, soul, funk, dub, house, tech, samples, hands on scratch artists, ambient, drum n bass, heavy metal, dance hall and chilled beats – all smooshed up against each other. If this doesn’t get you up n at it, then we are guessing you’re a block of wood.

Driveway Stage (aka Bong Pit aka Little Rock Stage)

In loving memory of FRL’s very first site office,and in honour of the surrounding natural beauty, we have ever so slightly re – renamed this glorious little stage! Using the latest unique naming techniques, this one is located next to the driveway, just across from the Workshop Hub and above the dam bridge and WRONGTOWN . An intimate stage JAM PACKED with beautiful, crazy, groovy, hip cats for your aural pleasure. All with a jolly good lashing of ginger beer and psychotic zydeco! KNEES UP MUVVA BRAAHN!!

Workshop Hub

This spot has simply got to be on your FRL BUCKET LIST! Check out the program, take note of the times and make sure you secure your spot. Or else just come in, hang out, enjoy the fire, and get comfy. There is even an ‘open mic’ workshop space for people willing to convey, listen and learn. You are going to leave the WORKSHOP HUB totally tuned in, and ready for the next phase of your life! So rock up and GET YOUR BRAIN ON, GET YOUR DANCE ON!! REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR YOGA MAT! REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR YOGA MATE! Check out the WORKSHOPS under ‘ARTISTS’

DO NOT MISS the VERY FAMOUS SATURDAY NIGHT ‘HOW THE FOCACCIA ?!’ COMEDY MARATHON AT THE WORKSHOP HUB – featuring the creamy bits of underground and on-top-of-the-ground comedians from around Australia. And, if your sides are not splitting from laughter, hilarity and nonsense, then we are again guessing you are a block of wood.

Shiatsu Shack

Part of the Workshop Hub, and just on the other side of the Kids Village, the Shiatsu Shack is really very self-explanatory. Book yourself in, but of course in the meantime hang out there, meet someone, trade massages and exchange energy – ‘cos everyone needs that human touch!

Kids Village

Now we get to it; the real reason why everybody is at FRL. THE KIDS!! THE KIDS!! It is all about THE KIDS!! And wow what an AMAZING program it is this year – so many entertaining, inspiring, educational, and FUN activities for all ages (of kids) – there is even a couple of Aussie Diggers who will take you and your parents down to the creek to pan for GOLD, GOLD, GOLD!!! Do get involved in THE VERY FAMOUS SATURDAY NIGHT KID’S PARADE featuring THE BAD BRIGADE for a march right around Bilyana! …and remember kids – PARENTS are to be seen but not heard!! Just try and be bored – we DOUBLE DARE you!!

Wrong Town Boutique

Wrong Town Boutique is a place open for all to come, hunt and scavenge, to create, alter and adjust their own free costume. A place to get undressed – recreate, envision, challenge, and start their day again! All manner of clothes and accessories, stylists on hand to help, as well as the tools needed (sewing machines/hot glue guns) to alter or create a new outfit from something pre-loved – all in a fun and funky environment!
Ignite your senses, and become your INNER ROCK STAR! 
ABSOULTELY NO TOURISTS! Punters in their new Wrong Town ensemble will strut their stuff on the catwalk and have their photo taken for our scrapbook.
Extremely HIGH levels of FUNK have been registered at Wrong Town Boutique. WARNING: May cause crazy costumes and infectious dance moves..