Parking & Shuttle Bus

All vehicles will be parked next to the Ticket Processing Gate; back towards El Dorado. There will be a $10 parking fee payable in cash at the time of ticket processing. PLEASE HAVE $10 READY WHEN YOU ARRIVE

After you have been processed, there are Shuttle Buses available to get you, your family and friends, and all your gear up to ‘Bilyana’. We will have helpers to load the bus and generally support you. During the peak times there may be a small wait so we hope you take this time to make sure you have all your loose stuff together in bags.

We have added another bus to make it 6 buses on constant loop. It’s only a 1.4 km trip so please be patient and as efficient as you can in getting on and off the bus.

We also have lovely neighbours right next to the car park – PLEASE RESPECT THEIR PRIVACY!

NB There is no access to ‘Bilyana’ in your car. You may not drive up to ‘Bilyana’ to drop your stuff off UNLESS SPECIFICALLY ALLOWED AND PRE ORGANISED. This is limited to people with accessibility needs and those with 12 or more children under 3.

If you are a patron with little kids or special needs please contact us for special treatment regarding this.

ABSOLUTELY NO WALKING UP THE ROAD TO THE SITE. If you want to walk up, there is a track along the Reedy Creek.

If you are a patron with little kids or special needs please contact us for special treatment regarding this.

PLEASE THINK CAREFULLY ABOUT THIS! The land immediately outside ‘Bilyana’ is National Park. If you leave your car parked in the National Park you run the risk of creating fire hazards, blocking off emergency access roads, creating a real pain in the neck for the organisers, as well as receiving a fine, and / or having your vehicle towed. Parks Victoria will be roving the area across the weekend. The only exception is at Jordan’s Hole and only be appointment! NB Any vehicle that is allowed to stay must be proper campervan and must not be moved at all once parked untill 5pm Sunday.

All assistance with bogged vehicles will be charged at $350 per move or tow.


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Site access with vehicles only for the limited number of agreed campervans, trailers and families. It’s also totally fine to use the shuttle for camping only.

12pm – 10pm


1000 – 0200


0830 – 0100


0830 – 2200


0900 – 1200

Every one needs to be off site by midday – 2pm at latest please