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Most heartfelt thanks must go out to the very talented and wonderfully spirited musicians, performance and installation artists who come to FRL and play their hearts out on our stages, jam in the bush and dance, love and drink beer with the rest of us.

FRL prides itself on the spirit and quality of musician that it has attracted to play over the 15 festivals thus far. From seasoned internationally acclaimed professionals to local first timers, the program is always jam packed with known and unknown gems.

We do not conform to the hierarchical, separatist attitude of headliners and music royalty. Here at FRL, the stage is egalitarian, the green room is the whole festival, and the musicians largely become part of the audience when they are not playing. Many returning performers often bring their families and stay for the whole weekend if they didn’t the first time.

FRL has been a nursery for many musicians starting out, and has become old stomping grounds for others who come back year after year. The reward for musicians does not include professional fees for performance, rather musicians are facilitated with travel and equipment expenses, guest passes and FRL hospitality in the way of meals and drinks.

Professionally mixed recordings of the majority of the show are also made as FRL aims to produce a CD after each festival representing the variety and beauty of music that has passed through the weekend. These recordings and CD are made available to the musicians for their own use and purposes. In addition, FRL hosts and manages a CD sales point solely for the musicians benefit. For musicians this, or part thereof, and or any other reasons they chose to play at FRL they feel is reward enough, and we welcome and thank them most genuinely.

We also respect that this is not enough for others, who need to make a living from their craft at this particular time in their life and career, or simply are not interested in the community, atmosphere or intention of this particular event. We understand the challenges of a livelihood solely held up by talent and passion, and therefore do not hold any musician to their commitment to play if they have and prefer to take up an opportunity of paid work when it arises, no matter how close to the festival this may occur.

FRL is not sold on any musician’s name. Our audience purchase their tickets with the faith or prior knowledge that they will be treated to a smorgasbord of talent, spontaneous creativity and collaboration and a genuine and down to earth gathering of good people in a stunningly powerful landscape. So many patrons return year after year to catch up with mates they might not have seen since the last festival. It is a massive end of year get together.

Obviously, music makes up a large proportion of the festivals content. As such, in recent years, we have put it out to the musicians to nominate particular initiatives that they would like to see supported by the festival. We look forward to this becoming a more strongly developed process in 2014 so as to really make an impact on a cause that the people who so generously donating their talents, feel passionately about.

When people play at FRL, they play with their heart and soul. We know you will enjoy!